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Abortion Pill Information Ashtabula, Ohio

Are you facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering your options? Maybe you have a question about buying abortion pills online, or at-home abortion methods. Learn more about your pregnancy and options by scheduling a free and confidential appointment in Ashtabula, Ohio.

Medication abortion (also called the abortion pill) is FDA approved for up to 70 days (10 weeks pregnant) after the start of your last menstrual period. The typical cost for the abortion pill ranges from $350-$700 but could be higher depending on the provider.

  • The “pill” is actually a protocol that involves taking two drugs, mifepristone and misoprostol, which are taken in two separate doses on different days.
  • The FDA strongly cautions against the use of mifepristone obtained over the Internet.1
  • The abortion pills are different from emergency contraception, sometimes called the “morning-after pill”.
  • For women who change their minds after taking just the mifepristone, it may be possible to rescue the pregnancy. Learn more: The Abortion Pill Reversal.

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Abortion Pill Information

Am I eligible for the Abortion Pill?

Before taking the abortion pill you will need to know exactly how far along you are. With a free ultrasound, we can help learn more about your pregnancy and if the abortion pill is an option for you. It’s important to see a medical professional in person before taking the abortion pill, as they can prevent or diagnose complications that could arise from the abortion pill.2,3

Medical abortion isn’t an option if you:4

  • Are too far along in your pregnancy. You shouldn’t attempt a medical abortion if you’ve been pregnant for more than nine weeks (after the start of your last period). Some types of medical abortion aren’t done after seven weeks of pregnancy.
  • Have an intrauterine device (IUD) currently in place.
  • Suspect you have a pregnancy outside of the uterus. This is called ectopic pregnancy.
  • Have certain medical conditions. These include bleeding disorders; certain heart or blood vessel diseases; severe liver, kidney or lung disease; or an uncontrolled seizure disorder.
  • Take a blood thinner or certain steroid medicines.
  • Can’t make follow-up visits to your provider or don’t have access to emergency care.
  • Have an allergy to the medicine used.

We provide free ultrasound services to confirm a viable pregnancy and help you learn if medical abortion isn’t an option for you. We offer accurate information about all your options; however, we do not offer or refer for abortion services. Call (440) 990-9107 for more information or to schedule an appointment.


Learn About Your Options

Learn more about abortion and your options in Ashtabula, Ohio. We are a group of caring individuals – who treat each client with absolute compassion and integrity.

The staff and volunteers at our clinics have experienced unplanned pregnancies and abortion. We can answer you question without judgement, as we’ve been where you are now.

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