So you’ve gotten a positive result on a home urine pregnancy test, now what? Up to one-third of all pregnancies can end in a natural miscarriage. With rates of naturally terminating pregnancies this high, the next step after a positive test is to determine viability via ultrasound. From there, Mya Women’s Center will help you wield your right to choose what comes next.


Spontaneous Abortion

Pregnancies can spontaneously end for a number of reasons. Viruses like cytomegalovirus, rubella, and herpes can induce spontaneous abortion, or miscarriage. Chromosomal and uterine abnormalities can also contribute to the number of pregnancies that self terminate before reaching twenty weeks gestation.


What Renders A Pregnancy ‘Viable’?

The only way to determine if a pregnancy is viable is to have an ultrasound. Viability entails that a pregnancy is, in fact, located inside of the uterus and that there is a fetal heartbeat present. If these criteria are not met, a pregnancy is not considered viable and will not result in a live infant birth.


Ectopic Pregnancy

A pregnancy located outside of the uterus is actually quite dangerous. On rare occasion, a pregnancy can develop and implant into one of the Fallopian tubes. This is referred to as an ectopic pregnancy. Fallopian tubes are not capable of supporting fetal growth and will rupture, potentially causing life-threatening internal bleeding for the mother. According to the American Pregnancy association, this occurs in one out of fifty pregnancies and should, therefore, be ruled out.


If I’m Thinking About Having An Abortion, Why Do I Need An Ultrasound?

If you are reading this article, chances are you’ve discovered that you are pregnant and you’re not sure what to do next. If you are considering an abortion, it is imperative to have ultrasound testing done beforehand. Both surgical abortions, and medical abortions (via the pill), have the potential to bear consequence on your current and future reproductive health. It is not advisable to proceed with any type of medical procedure unnecessarily. A clinic with your best interest in mind will always perform ultrasound before initiating any procedure to first ensure that it is warranted.


A Data Goldmine

Initial ultrasounds hold a great deal of very important information. The measurements obtained in this early testing are proven to provide the most accurate dating for the pregnancy. It is this information that sets the gestation clock for the entirety of the pregnancy.


Where Should I Have My Ultrasound Performed?

If the first glimpse at that little blip is something you’ve been anticipating, we are excited for you! Ultrasound is the next step to ensure the health of the pregnancy. In order for the practitioner who will be managing your pregnancy to have access to the data obtained in the first ultrasounds, it is best to schedule your ultrasound with that provider.

If, like so many women, you are not sure what your next step will be, Mya is the perfect place to schedule your ultrasound. Our team offers options consultation specializing in abortion, adoption, and more. In a friendly, unbiased setting, you will be offered testing to determine if there is a viable pregnancy, and the information you need to choose what comes next. At Mya, we’re here for you!

Dr. Richard A. Zinni

Dr. Richard A. Zinni

D.O. Certified In Internal Medicine

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